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BTW, I've also been a...

Emmy Award-winning newsmagazine producer covering a wide range of topics.Story development, script writing, field producing, interviewing (on and off camera), directing, post-production, gaffing...I've done it all.


Historian: Starting as an Ancient/Medieval specialist, moving onto US Constitutional history, American political history and then to Modern Asia... I eventually specialized in the history of Fascism. And in pursuing that specialty, I've acquired a wide range of knowledge in 20th Century history, the history of American foreign policy and of imperialism. I wrote the first chapter of a published collection of essays titled: Japan in the Fascist Era (Palgrave: 2004).

Other Projects in the Hopper:
Pharmapillooza, a documentary on the marketing of drugs...developed with Ned Judge

A documentary on Depleted Uranium Weapons...the Agent Orange of the 21st Century. Looking for investors and co-producers for this important story.

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